Tim and Cathy Abbey with Rocky Mountain Horse Maximus

Four generations of Seahawk fans who love our Rockies

Four generations of Seahawk fans who love our Rockies


My love for horses started when I was a young boy. When I was 12, I worked for free riding at a large horse ranch and boarding facility near my home. I continued working there throughout high school. I worked with the trainers riding horses, giving lessons and even bought and sold horses for the owner of the ranch.

I met my wife Cathy working at a summer camp where Cathy was the camp nurse and I was the horseback riding instructor. We were married the next year.  I continued working with horses, taking care of a string of 50 plus at the ranch where I started. The next year I apprenticed with a farrier in the area and then went to Oklahoma Farriers College. After graduating in January of 1972, I continued to work as a farrier as well as buying and selling horses. An injury forced me to change direction in 1977.  

Cathy and I left horses behind us and moved to Washington to raise our kids. I never lost my love for horses and when we retired in 2016, we decided to get back into the horse business. In deciding what breed to work with, I ran across the Rocky Mountain horse, a breed I had never heard of. I flew to Kentucky to find out more about these horses and fell in love with the breed.

After much study and a lot of looking, I purchased three proven broodmares and a three-year-old filly that had the breeding, looks and personality that would produce the quality Rocky Mountain horses that I wanted to raise. I also purchased a yearling Colt (Tim’s Maximus) that I had high hopes for and a couple of geldings for riding horses. As a two-year-old, Maximus has not disappointed but in fact has exceeded my highest hopes in both beauty and temperament.  I look forward to seeing the babies he produces.

Not only did I fall in love with the Rocky Mountain horse when I went to Kentucky, but I thoroughly enjoyed the people I ran into as well. I want to thank Sharma Brown, David Shewmaker and Jonathon . All three of these people were extremely helpful to me in the selection of my horses as well as a joy to work with. Also, a big thanks to Clayton Fox . His enthusiasm about Maximus along with his knowledge of the breed were greatly appreciated.

That’s our story. I hope you have a chance to come by and see our horses and maybe take one home with you.


Tim Abbey